Cerec – Crowns

CEREC® Dentistry

CEREC offers same day crowns. Why wait any longer than you have to? There's no need to get a temporary crown or retun the following week.

At Core Dental, we are serving communities near the Calgary area. Our CEREC® crafts dental crowns, onlays & inlays in just one office visit. We invite you to contact Core Dental to learn more.

The CEREC® Procedure

The entire CEREC® procedure is performed in just one visit to our office in Calgary, where patients can receive onlays, inlays and dental crowns. During this appointment, the doctor first examines the tooth to determine the appropriate restoration. Next, they administer a local anesthetic before preparing the tooth, using air abrasion or another method to remove damaged tooth structure, if necessary. After preparing the tooth, the doctor takes an optical impression of the tooth – a step that takes about two minutes and utilizes a digital image of the tooth instead of messy, goopy trays.

Then, the doctor uses the CEREC® machine to craft the restoration. The CEREC® software converts the digital image of the tooth into a 3D model on the computer screen. Next, the doctor custom-designs the restoration from this model and enters the data into the computer. In about 10 to 20 minutes, the CEREC® machine crafts the dental crown or porcelain veneer. Finally, the dentist places the restoration and bonds it in place.

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